Packaging Advice

What is worse than receiving the perfect gift, broken after a mishap in shipping?  Perhaps sending a holiday gift that doesn't get to the final destination at all.  But it is possible to ensure that long-distance holiday shipments are headache-free by following a few simple recommendations. 

Some Shipping Do’s & Don’ts....


Double box your fragile shipments.

When shipping fragile goods, the best way to ensure that they are not damaged in transit is to first box the goods, making sure to wrap them in bubble wrap and insulate with packing peanuts. Then, place that box in a slightly larger one and surround the smaller box with packing peanuts, giving the goods inside an extra two layers of cushioning.

Clearly label the interior as well as the exterior box.

If one of the boxes is ripped or damaged, this extra step will ensure that your goods still get to their destination.

Clearly mark fragile items.

You want to make it clear to anyone who may encounter your package that the goods inside are breakable.

Use a water-resistant box.

if it is winter, the time for snow, sleet, and rain, and nothing’s worse than a soggy gift. If you are unable to find a water resistant box, try to use a waterproof, plastic inner wrapping, like a large zip-lock bag or sealed trash bag.


Ship a partially full box.

Boxes are often stacked on top of one another. If your packaged box is not filled to capacity with packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or newspapers, you run the risk of it getting crushed by a heavier box.

Loosely pack non-breakables with breakable items.

While the glass part of your antique lantern may be packed properly, the loosely packed metal base could bounce around the box and crush the glass.

To be sure your package arrives on time, call Parcel for you Ltd as soon as possible to make shipping arrangements.